DEVINSUPERTRAMP Stuntman App Reviews

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This game is... LIT,

Anyone who is considering getting this game, do it! Any Shonduras fans, there is Shonduras. You could unlock him or buy him for 1.99! Enjoy it!


Awesome game, started cause Shonduras and still amazing :)

Great game!!

It never gets boring, and the graphics are great! The levels are creative and really fun, definitely recommend!!


Great game so fun to play lots of thumbs up on this one

Awesome game

This is a fun game to keep you busy when you're.don't anything at work

DST Stuntman app review

Best app ever. It is so fun to play and all the characters in it are supper fun and it is created by a great human and it makes me happy every day I play this game. You need this game!!!

C'mon really


Worst game ever

You have to use Money it's so stupid

That game is awesome


Lincoln is the best Character

Haha, I am biased since I am Lincoln. lol.

Whatever Devin touches turns to gold

Awesome app! Bored out of my mind at work, this game not only provided me a well-needed escape from my job, but it also allows me to feel JUST like I'm in a Supertramp video. I get it now. I fully understand EXACTLY how the extreme athletes in Devin's videos feel! 🤙🏼

Lit game!!🔥

Fun to play.

Slow and Full of Ads

The app is very sluggish. Ads force you to interact with them. I will not support this at all. Total time used before removing app, 15mins. I expect better.

Love this game!

Super stoked on this game by devinsupertramp! Rad videos and dung games?!? No one can do it better!

Great game very competitive game

Love this game and all his videos amazing deff great to download

Not very intuitive

Sorry m8, I love the YouTube, but not the game.

Awesome game

This game is a lot of fun, I love these guys and what they do!

Awesome App!

Love this game and have so much fun playing it and helps distract me from work during the middle of the day!😉😂 hahah jk (but seriously)😂

Digging it!

Loving how simple yet challenging the game is! Keeps me busy during down time!


Absolutely love this game!!! Slightly challenging at first, but you get used to it, and you can't stop playing!!! Good work Devin!!

Awesome new game

Love it Devin this game is awesome!! Proud of you guys


Amazing game!!

Finally a fun game to play on my break at work

Killer game mechanics. Plays smooth. Highly addicting

Very fun game!!



What a fun way to compliment the Devin Supertramp experience


Great game!


Heck yes, this game is absolutely rad! Classic adventure with loads of fun, super easy gameplay and great creativity, excited for more to come!!!


Love the game and love team supertramp! Keep up the good work!!

Great App!

This app is actually a lot of fun!

Great game to LIVE the devinsupertramp ideos!!!

This game is simple, yet addicting! It's great to play the guys from DevinSuperTramp. Way to go!


I absolutely LOVE this game!

So far so good!

Been a fan of yours since you started! Great game btw!


This game is amazing and is a little challenging but once you get the hang of it, It's really fun and addicting!

Great Game to play 🤘

This game is pretty cool it has a similar style like the guys from Dude Prefect and their game app, although the only small issue I have is the launch/falling process it feels a bit slow.

Finally!! Soooo Fun!!

After Dude Pergect came out with a game, I was wondering if Devin would do one. This game is so fun! Highly recommend.

DevinSuperTramp's Amazing Game

My favorite YouTuber, has the best videos ever on YouTube. Great Game. Love it! And by the way, I don't have any games on my phone.


The Game is AMAZING love your vids Devin

Best game ever!

Such a fun game! Ain't getting no work done now (:

Great Game!

Great work Devin. Love the game. It's a blast to play. Keep innovating.

Supertramps got my vote

Can't play it just once- loads of fun

Love it!!

I may currently be the world champion of this game! Just saying :)

Lovin it like a fat kid loves snow cones

Fun game.


This game is so fun and actually takes talent, unlike other phone games. Super addicting though so beware!

Super App for Supertramp!

I love this game!! If you're a Supertramp fan it's a must! It's SO fun and just challenging enough that it's not annoying! Five out of five for me!

Smack my face

It's like being in one of the real videos but without the bellyflops, face smacks, and woo girls. I love the woo girls. 6 stars if you bring woo girls to the game app. Other than that I love it. ❤️👍🏼👊🏼🐼🐍


I'm not one for reviews..but this game is awesome! Runs smoothly, amazing animation and challenging for a non-gamer like myself! Totally would recommend. Awesome job Devin and creators!! 🙌

Tons of fun!

I always wanted to be a stuntman, but with bad knees and a broken back, I just can't do the crazy stunts anymore. But this game gives me all the thrills and pumping I need. Recommend for sure!

Love it!

This is super entertaining and challenging! Stoked on it!

Amazing detail!

I love all of the elements they included! Made it feel like a real life DevinSuperTramp video!!

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